Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Black "beldi" soap from Zakia's Morocco

*DISCLAIMER : I was kindly given this product by Zakia's Morocco owner. I was not paid to make my review, so I will share my honest opinion on it.*

What is black soap? It is the central part of the ritual of hammam. First you have to steam all your body to enlarge your pores, then you apply this pasty soap everywhere from head to toes, let the magic happen for 5 to 10 minutes, and then you simply wash it off and scrub with a kessa (traditional scrubby washcloth) or a loofah to maximise the efficiency. In France, you can find kessa everywhere I hope it is the same abroad.

What do I think about it? It is a very thick brown golden paste with green highlights. It contains very few ingredients, that is to say smashed olives transform into soap with sodium hydroxide. The one I was offered to try is infused with argan oil to provide extra hydration to my rough dry skin. It definitely smells like smashed olive so if you can not stand taht kind of very natural smell go for an oil-infused version (there are two more on the website, infused with orange blossom or jasmine, depending on what you prefer, floral ou fruity). When applied, it does not foam it spreads on the skin and does it work. I reallyfeel it acting my skin, specially on my face, it tingles a little but not in a bad way it is hard to explain. Do not use your scrubby washclloth on your face, it is too strong. The smell does not linger on the skin just in case you wonder.

Does it work? Yes it is a very efficient alternative to classical grain scrubs. As I alaways scrub like a savage, this grainy scrubs can leave me strikes everywhere. I know I can be softer :p. I do not get any bad reaction on my sensitive face which is great as finding a facial scrub for me is a challenge. It is very efficient, the skin is supple and well moisten after this scrub ritual. The only little downside is that you have to wait, naked in your shower for the soap to work. In winter, it is quite hard for me :).

Do I recommend it? Yes! I love hammam but I am kind of lazy and not very found of the community aspect that goes along with hammam. So being able to bring it right into my place it is so great!

Prix: 34,95$ by Zakia's Morocco (online seller only). Worlwide shipment avalaible!

I use this only as scrub for now (once or twice a week) and if I want something sweeter I go for a Body Shop scrub from time to time. I go for it every time before removing my hairs (glamour!) and it helps prevent red bumps I used to have. Big thumbs up!

See ya :)


Unknown said...

This sounds really nice, except the fact that you have to wait naked in your bathroom for a while! I'm so cold now that I couldn't wait not for even a second!!! Where do you get these, and have you also tried other stuff from them?

Une fille Lambda said...

@Pasiphae: For waiting naked, I tried to create as much steam as I can and roll myself into a ball in my bathtub :)) I can not stand cold either ^^.
I tried nearly the whole range of Zakia's Morocco products (you can click the link in my post right after the price to acccess the site). I do like everything except one which is really cool :)
I have reviewed two other stuffes already(search Zakia's Morocco in the labels), two more to go.

Oh, and the owner is a very nice person I met him and he really believes and takes care of what he deals with!

loretarra said...

No need to wait just wash it and skrub with glove lofah.
Exelent soap I have it in Lithuania trying to sel and people like it.I am using this soap for 10 years now and my skin is exelent.My doughter teenager washing her face and problems gon.
200gr. cost 5 euro in lithuania +37069804707

Nicole said...

Hi girls ,
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Unknown said...

yah I have a baby so no time to wait. I just use this as soao every time I shower, and scrub about once a week w/ the glove. I even use it on my baby because it is so gentle and does not dry out skin as much as most soaps.

Alex moner said...

Do not use your scrubby washclloth on your face, it is too strong. The smell does not linger on the skin just in case you wonder.
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Moroccan Elixir said...

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Anonymous said...

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Linnean said...

Thanks for leaving your comments! Yes, time is a factor. Soaps usually need around 4 weeks to cure properly. The more it's cured, the more gentle it will be.

And it is a fine line between too soft and too harsh.
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