Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Shopping on sale

I was a little annoyed by several things today, so I have to do some shopping to destress. And for the first time, no make up or skincare!!! Yeap, thumbs up for me :)
So I went to the closest shopping mall from my place and headed to two shops : one of clothes and the other one of accessories.
-For clothes, I chose Uniqlo. I do not know if there are shops abroad but it is a japanese brand which sells tops in all the colours, cuts and sizes you can dream off. I took 3 long-sleeve, V neck pullovers made of blended cashmere. I love cashmere, it is so silky and hot. They are not over funky but they are well cut and easy to wear on a daily basis. What rocks is the sizing, the smallest size which is S is based on japonese standards which make them really small. For skinny top girls like I am, it is a pain to find tight-fitting tops but here it is heaven!!!Creepy pic, but you see the colouring. Not very bright, yeah I love dark clothes!

- Then I finished my shop trip to Accessorize. Most Britains know about this brand. They sell accessorizes (funny indeed). I bought two pairs of earrings, long, feather-like shape... They are the kind I like the most, not too overpowering but stylish enough on my personal opinion. I like the fact that they are not too voluminous, not too eye-catching and then they will not attract attention on my elf ears.
Sale frenzy, anyone?

See ya :)

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