Saturday, January 16, 2010

Color therapy

Well I do not know if the whole north hemisphere has to suffer from this hideous weather but where I am it is terrible. It gets slightly warmer but still no pieces of blue sky or sunrays to cheer me up. I miss the sun so much :s.

In that case, it tends to put more colors everywhere and the brighter the better. Summer is back at least on my face :)). I know this FOTD is not really wearable for everyday work but guess what I spend most of time typing on my computer for an hypothetical job so who cares? I will not put a list of the stuffes I use (unless you require it for your next Halloween or fancy-dress party :p). First of all, the eyes :

Then the whole face just to show you the lipstick I stole from Barbie herself ^^

It is the brightest pink I've ever come accross. I have to admit I really do not know if it is wearable for everyday. But the color is gorgeous (it is a Armani lipstick but I do not know the colour sorry :s)

Hope you're all feeling better than I do. I am slightly annoyed by how things go...

See ya :)


Lullaby77 said...

but of couuuuuurse you could wear that at work, I do much worse all the time !!!
You look very cute!

Tali said...

Great idea for a post.. color therapy! :)

Love the lipgloss.. it looks so jucy and plump like cherry! Fabulous choice of color!! Its not too bright at all.. maybe if your not used to it.. but i think its a very healthy color. looks great on you!

Id wear that at work for sure but especially id wear that look in summer!! it would look so good in the sunshine.. imagine how strong the eye shadow would appear?! xox

Pasiphae said...

What a lovely look. And you look so cute with the braids!!! You could wear it at work, as long as you don't work at a stupid company with dress codes and all that hypocritical sh@t! ;)

Une fille Lambda said...

@Lullaby77: thanks hon, just need to wear it there so :)))

@Talli: happy you like my title. The lipstick is really really bright. I think I wear it on top of lipbalm here to tone it down a lil. It is defeo a summer look ^^

@Pasiphae: thanks :) I do wear braids from time to time but they make me look so young that's really funny. I have started to thin out my brows, not sure of the final result :s. My former company used to have a dress code but I did not get annoyed on my make up :)

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