Thursday, January 14, 2010

High performance balancing cleansing oil fresh from Shu Uemura

Ready for another review? This time it will be about a make up remover I really really like. Removing make-up is an important step in a skincare routine not to say the most important step in taking good care of your skin. It is especially vital if you wear a lot of foundation as I do and if your skin tends to break out. Nothing clogg better pores than sweat, make-up or pollution. I bought this oil a while ago and used it extensively for the past months so I think it is reviewing time.
Plus, have you notice that this oil is pink? Yep nice finky girly pink. For once the girliest version has been created for bad skin ladies like I am. It is avalaible for all skin types but the only one to be pink is the fresh version! Yeap thumbs up

What do I think about it? Well it is PIIIIIIINKKKKKK! All right calm down :p. The smells is great but hard to describe, something fresh but at the same time floral and sweet. You have to pump twice (yes it comes with a handy pump) and then massage it into your skin to melt everything down. You can use it safely on your eyes and if like me you hate the cotton pads contact onyour lids, it will be heaven :p. Then you rinse it and it will emulsify into a soft milky lotion. Welcome your fresh glowing skin with a big smile :). The only little downside is that yes it leaves a slight oil film on your skin but it will not last after you pat dry. I do double cleanse (make up remover + facial cleanser) so I do not care much about that but I know it annoys some people.

Does it work? Yes really well. It is the best oil-based remover I tried. I love the colour, the texture and the smell of it. It does not break me out!!! Thumbs up ^^. But there is a but... For organic-concerned addicts, the composition is crap : first ingredient is mineral oil. Sorry about that!! I can not say if it has improved my skin but it makes it feels so fresh that I think so. I know love to remove my make up and so be more cautious about the way I do it. It removes any kind of make up even waterproof without any lash fallouts :)

Do I recommend it? Yes but it is pricey. For addicts on a budget, it will not be in the price zone I assume.

78,30€ for 450ml by Sephora France. For what I see now, my bottle will last at least 6 months. So it is not that expensive in my opinion. If you just went to try it there is a smaller size, 150ml which retails for 37€ by Sephora France.

I am hooked, it will not prevent me from trying something new for time to time and maybe look for cheaper alternatives. But this one has proven it is efficiency. What I like about it is the all-in-one aspect (eyes, lips and face) and the no cotton pad routine (I hate them they feel scratchy yeek)

Have you tried it? Do you like it or not?

See ya :)

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