Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Buffering lotion from Mario Badescu

Here we are, my last review on Mario Badescu products I currently own. This one is meant to treat the deep cysts you can sometimes have. You know these ugly underskin spots taht hurt like hell and take weeks to disappear. They leave a bump on your face and make you want to disappear under your living room carpet... See what I am talking about?? It is where the Buffering lotion comes into play

What do I think about it? It is a very liquid lotion that has to be shaked before use to help the powder to mix in a lil. You have to spot each cysts with a drop and leave it to work overnight. On the website, it is recommended to use it before and after the drying mask but I do not own the last one so I do not know. It is specific for combination to oily skin as other skin types do not face this kind of spots.
No tingling or itching sensation after application and no bad afterwards skin reaction. No particular smell either. Many active ingredients inside and I am too lazy to sum them up here (if you want to know, check the ingredient list)

Does it work? What do you think? Of course, yes again. The first time I used it, I did not think that a such soft product could do any good to my skin but I was wrong. No more dep cysts to declare after I put this on at first signs of pimple. I also discovered that it helps a lot with the granular aspect of my skin on my chin. Maybe it was a mild from of cystic acne? Anyhow it worked great

Lambda recommande? Yes again. It is really efficient and results last a while.

16,75€ from HQHair or 16€ from Beautybay (online retailers).

I have to deal with the remaining scars now. Luckily enough I just have flat overpigmented scars. I know they will slowly disappear with time but if I can make them vanish faster I will be happy. I will try some radiance skincare just for the sake of trying new stuffes :p

See ya :)

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