Thursday, January 21, 2010

Specific intensive smoothing eye cream from Yves Rocher

I have decided to add a new category to this blog: beauty on a budget.
Well to be honest, what I called "not too expensive" is a beauty product that costs less than 20€. I know for some of you it may not be cheap but here in France, it is the price range for drugstore brands and most of the beauty supplier brands too like Sephora, Marionnaud and Yves Rocher. To me, each product I tried lasts at least 2 months so 20€ all in all is not that bad.

You are ready?

I will talk about the Inositol range from Yves Rocher. Funny enough it is meant for 30 year-old women in France and for 25 in the US. Do US people get older faster than European one???

What do I think about it?
It is a plastic tube with a pointed tip which makes it really hygienic to use. First good point. The cream inside is slightly tinted, a pale orange with a hint of sheen that is meant to help conceal dark circles. The texture is great : not too thick nor too liquidy which help to measure it. It is supposed to smoothe the eye area, renew its brightness and wipe away dark circles in 15 days with a twice daily application.

Does it work?
Well concerning how it spreads on the skin nothing to worry about. It glides on and is fast absorbed. The colour is not noticeable. I personnally apply it twice in the morning, right after cleaning and then jsut before applying my foundation. It is not moisturizing enough for me but under make up it is perfect. On darkcircles, no effect at all but I am truly convinced taht no cream can handle this issue. Another good point is that it does not irritate or sting.

Do I recommend it?
Yes, it is not the best eyecream in the world or my personal HG but if you are not willing to pay a lot for it, it is one of the best quality/price product I have tried in this area.

Price : 17,40€ from Yves Rocher in France. We have frequent offers here like "2 for 1" or 50% sale.

I am not a big fan of Yves Rocher but some of them are correct. This one is not bad, it nearly makes me want to try some other products from Inositol range. I tried the Sebactiv range a while ago but this was a huge huge fail :s.

See ya :)

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Faye @ Best Eye Cream said...

Even if there are plenty of creams for dark circles under eyes that are made available, it is a must that you are aware which of them are suitable for you. Several companies are making skin creams of these kind and almost all of them are making their product using a different manner.

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