Saturday, January 9, 2010

A photorealism quad look

I bought this quad form MAC a while ago and I never found time to try it out. It travelled with me during my holidays but I dediced to give my skins some rest so make up stayed alone in my stash.
I am sure this particular quad is not evryone's cup of tea but I like it. It completes well my hazel, kind of greenish, strange colored eyes. All the LE e/s have green undertones with hints of blue or yellow. Here is the look I came out with, this time full face and lips pics as my skin is great for several weeks now (hallelujah). As my skin is not looking too bas, I wore less make up. It makes me look younger but also fresher I think (any opinion?)
On a light silvery base, jumbo eye pencil Pots&Pans from NYX,
- In the inner third of the lid, Fresh Approach from MAC
- On the other two thirds, Image Maker from MAC
- In the crease and outer V, Grey Range from MAC
- As a highlight, Photorealism from MAC
- Along the lower lashline, Acidic Reign pigment from the She Space (outer part) and Photorealism from MAC (inner part)
- Mascara Volume Shocking Brosse Exacte from l'Oreal Paris
(not so convinced, I like Beauty Tubes better).

On my lips, Creme de Nude from MAC applied over a lipbalm
(otherwise I can not wear this colour, it washes me out when I apply it plain, straight on my lips). Sorry for the poor lighting of the pic (anyhow happy to see lip pics Tali?)
To conclude this never ending post, creepy full face pics. Same foundation routine as in my precious FOTD (search for the FOTD tag for more details)

A nice and quiet winter look not to scare the snow falling outside. Maybe I will go back to neon colours as I hate winter and snow in cities :p.

See ya :)


Pasiphae said...

Great look! I like the fact that you didn't use any eyeliner, it makes it subtle and so beautiful. The only thing I would suggest (if you don't mind) is a little eyebrow grooming. It would make your eyes much more defined and bring out your make up even better. xo!

Une fille Lambda said...

@Pasiphae: thanks :p. I do not mind any suggestion, I blog for this too :p Concerning my brows, it is a taugh issue. I had them wax once when I was younger and it was so horrible that I am really scared now. Do you think they are too thick (bad shape?) or just too messy (I agree I have to shorten them a bit)


This look is really beautiful !!!!
Good job girl :) XOXO from Brazil.

Une fille Lambda said...

@Cherries in syrup: love your username :p!!! And thaks for the kind words, realky happy you like it :)

Pasiphae said...

I could do it for you if you were here! But don't wax them! Maybe you should try to do it yourself little by little. You can watch tutorials on youtube or I can send you an email to explain how you should do it. They need a little thining and some plucking of random hair. You don't have to make them too thin because your natural shape is nice. Just follow the rules of plucking (!) and you'll be fine! xo!

Une fille Lambda said...

@Pasiphae: I would be happy to let you play with my brows. Will try to pluck them a lil without changing the shape... I do not want to thin them too much as I so often forget to fill them in :)) Will post pics on my blog as soon as I have a not too bad result ^^

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