Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Argan oil from Zakia's Morocco

*DISCLAIMER : I was kindly given this product by Zakia's Morocco owner. I was not paid to make my review, so I will share my honest opinion on it.*

Well I am not sure a introductory speech is useful here as everyone may know where argan oil comes from. Just a quick reminder: it is extracted fom argan nuts which grows on Moroccan trees.

What do I think about it? Well I have already talked about argan oil here, search the "beauty of the world" tag to find more info. :p
But let's have a closer loot to this one. It comes in a 50ml glass bottle with white prinitng directly on it. So be careful not to use it with wet hands as the lettering may gat damaged. It has a gorgeous amber colour and smells slightly like nuts (which is quite normal of course). Smell and colour are the two most important things to look after when choosing an argan oil. This one is cold-pressed with young nuts to preserve all the goodness inside. When nuts are hot-processed, the extracted oil is darker and stronger in smell which is not so good as some qualities have been destroyed by heating.
When you apply it, you need no more than 3 dots for you all face, one on each cheeks and one on the forehead. That's it! It sinks right into the skin and does not leave a strange oily film. The texture is awesome, very fine, and glides on the skin.
On for all, people have to remember that oil does not mean comedogenic or pore clogging. Most of the molecules inside are way too big to clog pores.

Does it work? Yes, of course it is a really good care. It has been used for centuries by Arabic women!
This oil has great advantages. It can be used for absolutely everything : as cuticule and nail oil, as hair mask before shampooing, as a dry ends care after shampooing, as a facial moisturising mask, as a night facial care and as a eyecream.
My preferred uses are :
- as an eye contour every night, I love it it plumps and rehydrate my overdry undereye area like nothung else. No more cracks and fewer fine lines there.
- as a facial mask, I first spray some thermal water and then spread 3 drops of oil on my face, put a piece of paper tissue on top and let my skin dirnks this cocktail for 20 to 30 min. Glowing skin :p
- as a fast night care when I am super lazy, three dots and good night sleep.
This one has not break me out. I have been using it daily for over a month and no skin issue. It has helped a lot with my dehydration issue. Moreover, it is very travel friendly for busy grils who spend ther time on flight. You can take it on board and need nearly online this to take care of yourself.
The only downside is the price maybe

Do I recommend it? Yes, it is one of my top 3 oil and this one is particularly good even for the price. It can be used by every skin type and offers interesting anti-ageing properties over the top :p. For dryeczema or dryness, it will be your best friend.

60$ by Zakia's Morocco (vente en ligne) for the pure version I tested out. You can find two other version with blends of essential oils for more demanding skin (add 5$ more). So yes it is on the pricey side but you need just a couple of drops everyday (5 drops for the whole face including the eye area) that it will last you for ever ^^.

I have tried many different brand and this one hits the top. For use on hands and hairs maybe you can go for something cheaper in price and quality. But for facial care, you have to choose something cosmetic grade with top qualitu like this one. Something I like too about this one is the little note handwritten in the box by Zakia herself to let people know about the "best before use" date. It makes me feel special

Do you use argan oil? What for? Are you ready to pay that much for quality?

See ya :)


Lullaby77 said...

I have been interedted in trying Argan oil for a while but have been put off by the price. And since my skin is behaving this day, I don't feel the need. But if I have dehydration issues again, I will try it as everybody seems to agree it's working great.

Une fille Lambda said...

@Lullaby77: you can find argan oil in a various price range but you'd better get a not too cheap one :). If your skin is great, stuck to your routine! Mine has greatly improved in the past month so I stick to my routine for the main part and keep using this oil on a daily basis on my eyes and form time to time as a night extra kick.

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