Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Night moisturizer?

Well as I annoyed you so much with that you may know that I am currently spot free :).
But as it has not happened to me for a while, I currently stick to my "fighting the spots" routine which tends to be a lil too drying for this cold days. You see where I want to come?

I am looking for a good moisturizer to use at night to help restore my skin hydration without being too oily or it will defo break me out.
I will keep using my morning routine to keep the spots and pimples at day. Yeah taugh question!
My skin type is combo to oily I think, it depends on the day... Any suggestions? It can be a serum, a cream or a fluid! As I plan to try some of them the cheaper, the better :). Go go go!

See ya :)

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