Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What about brows?

I think that concerning make up, brows are a crucial question. I know very few girls who were born with the perfect arch and hair thickness.

Mine are thick and quite bushy. I used to have them wax by an aesthetician when I was younger until a very bad experience which makes me scream after tweezers and wax coming too close to my eyeareas. But I am still convinced brows are really important, they frame your eyes and your face globally so you have to be very careful on how you shape and take care of them.
So after a lot of musing and step-back, I finally make an appointment to have mine slightly modify. Before I show you the before/after pic, I know the difference is really tiny, they have simply been groomed, shorten (a lot I was surprised to see how long they were) and thin a little on the outer portion but I was too scared for a huge change. Click on the pic to enlarge it :p

So what do you think? They look better than they used to or not? They need to be thin out more?

See ya :)


Lullaby77 said...

I think they look very nice, I wouldn't touch them more, however I think it would be easier to judge if we could see your eyes - because the whole set has to work :-)

Une fille Lambda said...

@Lullaby77: I have thought about putting full eyes pics but the makeup form and colours (as they will be different on both pics) distract from the brows in my opinion. Not sure to express well my point but well I can't do better. So I go for just brow pics.
I will add full face pics to my next FOTD so you can see the big picture :p

Pasiphae said...

Your brows look great now! I am glad you decided to groom them because they really did not do juctice to your eyes before. It's not a dramatic change but it's just as it should be. Great!!! :)

Une fille Lambda said...

@Pasiphae: wahoo thanks. The girl who did them just spend her time asking me not to worry too much! She told me she just cleaned the arch. Happy you think the change is great

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