Monday, March 8, 2010

Acne serum from IQQU

Here we go for an other skincare review, it is not what I initially plan for today but I have to change in last sec. I was thinking on making a nail post but I badly hit my hands in a mechanical door today and break all my nails short. Ewww... Painful and not so good looking, have to wait for the bruise to disappear. Anyway, bask to our serum...

What do I think about it? I will perhaps sound a lil rude writing that down, but when I first heard the gorgeous Michelle Phan from YouTube talking about her amazing skincare line, it makes me think about all these celebrities who make perfumes and think their name will be enough to make them smell good... But I have to admit that all her vids look really professional and that she does not tell many craps from a scientific viewpoint so after all why not? When you see her perfect skin magnified and so close on her vids and combine it with the fact that she claims using her own line, you may be more willing to try some of her stuffes. To close this random babbling session, I am a very conscious sheep so everything claming to fight acne has to be mine :p I still believe in miracles ^^.
Anyway, the packaging is sober and functional (the labels are not straight sticked but I may be the only to care about this ^^). It works on a vacuum principle as a airless pump. Some people complain about the fact they have to pump several times to make the product come out but guess what? I do not die doing this and if it helps my serum to stay safe and germ free by doing this I will without moaning :). It is not exhausting I swear :p. The texture is thin without being runny, it is bright orange and it smells clean without any chemical aftersmell. The pump size is perfetct for a full face application. It sinks right into the skin without any tackiness. The active ingredients are well known and pretty safe for sensitive skin : retinol, tea tree oil, aloe vera and vitamine E.

Does it work? Yes and quite well afterall. I finished mine two weeks ago and I have some pimples back, that is my main evidence. It is not miracle in a bottle but with patience and careful use, you will notice a refined skin texture, less pimples and fewer oily breakouts throughout the day with a very slow but noticeable fading of your acne scars if you have any. An other good point is that it can be used even if you do not suffer from acne. It is beneficial for every skintype (no special "acne" ingredients in there like salicylic acid or benzoyle peroxide)

Do I recommend it? Yes! You can find a lot of people complaining about the price. To me it is not pricey at all, the bottle will last 2 months with a twice daily application. I may even say it is on a very affordable price range.

Price: 25$ from IQQU website (add 8$ for shipping for EU and US)

I just open my second one and have one more back-up all ready. I may try other products from the range, I have to confess I am pleasantly surprised. It is a good skincare; affordable and pleasant to use. I like the fact it is a serum, you do not have to change your all skincare reime to use it ^^
Are you as crazy about serums as I am?

See ya :)


Lullaby77 said...

Although I don't need that kind of product, it's interesting to read a positive review when all I've ever heard about that brand was bad... probably because some people who don't like Michelle Phan have been spreading bad reviews. I'm glad it's working for you!

Une fille Lambda said...

@Lullaby77: I am fully honest that's all! If it was crap I would hvae say it, you know me :p
I hate people who give opinions on things without thouroughly studying them it is way too unfair and unprofessional to me. If people are too jealous or envious to be fair it is a shame!
Anyway this serum is great and my skin responds well to it. Thanks for your comment hon <3

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