Monday, March 1, 2010

In and out... February 2010

I know it is March already but I do not post on Sundays so I have no other choice :p. And I am not one of a kind to do things before the ultimate deadline. Anyhow here it is :

Ins :
- being able to fight quickly pimples with my Mario Badescu squad.
- realising how nicely my skin has improved within the past year. Last year pictures are frightening :s
- using my blue tin of Nivea cream as a miracle remedy for everything (dry cuticles, coarse elbows and kneet, for my cracked feet and as a moisture-lock mask for the face)
- cheating on my skin every night by applying more moisutriser that I used to. It feels exactly the same way than when I use a hydrating mask. Good trick for me (and cheaper héhéhé)
- how microdermabrasion has improved my skin texture and my acne scars

Outs :
- the horrid weather
- hazards of life which can be so painful (I know it sounds stupid but...)
- killing 2 nail polishes because of not closing them tight enough.
- being stucked at home for job-hunting
- and as a result, still being unemployed (jeez hope it will end soon)
- the Lash Injection mascara from Too Faced (crap, crap, crap do I say it is crap???)

Your turn!
See ya :)

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