Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My first luxury facial in a Parisian spa...

Ok so you may not remember but when I talked about my new haircut a month ago, I was initially going there for a facial. And I have never given you my opinion on it (bad me...).
When I left my previous work, my colleagues offered me a gift card for a half day in a spa and I chose one which offers a facial and a hair diagnosis (shampoo and cut only). I ended up going for more than that but no regrets at all :)

Where did I go? Right here :
Isn't it gorgeous (hum waterlilies)? The place is named la maison de beauté (=house of beauty) Roméo et Juliette in Paris (7th area).

I am not used to this hype kind of places so I was a bit reluctant to step inside at first. But I did it and I am so glad I did.
The first thing I noticed was the estheticians, all tall, blonde-hair girls with black suits and red lips.They all have gorgeous skin which makes me feel very confident about the facial quality :p. I felt a little like a ugly little duck in there... The place's design is modern but cosy and everything is perfectly clean.
I was asked first to sit in a huge leather coach and given a tone of magazines to read. My esthetician came in the next 5 minutes and took me to my room and asked me to remove all my tops. A very peaceful music was playing in there, not too loud. And then the facial begun : slow and delicate makeup removal, first massage, then scrub, mask, second massage, serum, moisturiser, third massage including the scalp. It was so pleasant that I felt asleep :p
After the facial, I had all my time to redress and remake up if I wanted to. I looked truly exhausted which means that the massages worked well on removing all the toxins ^^. I was offered a tea with biscuits and advices on which skincare to use. Then I went to the hair salon and got the haircut you had already seen.

I found everyone's behaviour very professional without being over commercial. They offered you to buy some of the skincare they used during the facial but they did not insist. I was a bit sceptical about the service's quality as I was coming with a gift box and not a real reservation but I was wrong. They do not seem to care about me looking like a poor student which is not always the case in Paris.
I definitely recommend this spa but it is expensive. From time to time you may deserve it anyway.

See ya :)


Kristennn said...

That's nice that they didn't mind the 'poor student' look! That's what foreigners think of when thinking of Parisian salons- stuck up and snobby unless you look the part! I'm glad to hear it is not always so.

Une fille Lambda said...

@Kristennn: I have to say that most of the time staff people from salon or higher beauty brand can be very snobby. It happens to me all the time but I try not to care about what they think. All in all they are the loosers as I will spend my money somewhere else :p.

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