Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cleanance SPF 30 from Avene

Tuesday I wrote a post on how to care about your skin when sun is back. So I think that intorducing you my all time favorite sunscreen is perhaps a good idea. This is purely a sunscreen and not a moisturizer with an added SPF but its moisturizing properties are enough for summer. If not I add some random oil drops and I am good to go. Underneath the reasons why I am so convinced about it.

What do I think about it? First of the packaging is awesome. Do not take me wrong I am not a huge fan of cheapy ornage plastic but it comes with a pump that delivers the perfect amount of product to be applied on your face.
The consistency is perhaps a little too runny but it smells great which is surprising for a sunscreen. It has a high SPF and it is waterproof, sweatproff, hypoallergenic and non comedogenic!! I confirm it does not break me out. This particular one is designed for sensitive skin like all the Avene range but more specifically for acne prone skin. It can be used by everybody anyway without trouble. It is just a lil litter on the skin than traditional sunscreens.

Does it work? Yes of course, tried past summer, huge success for me so I repurchase this year. And it is so rare I buy twice the same product! I really enjoy the pump which keep the cream free of germs especially on the beach where sand tries to sneak in everywhere. I use it on a daily basis (to fight premature aging caused by UVA), even in town when sun is shining, it does not feel heavy (a lil heavier than lightweight moisturizers anyway), it does not make me shine like a disco ball, it does not slip into the eyes (great for contact wearers) and you can put make up on without getting funny stripes. You just have to wait 2-3 minutes. Meanwhile brush your teeth :p.
It mixes well with everything I tried, foundation primer and minerals to create your own tinted moisturizer if you are a mineral addict.

Do I recommend it? Yes. You can find many dupes for this sunscreen in France in drugstores and chemists. I like Eucerin and Uriage (Hyséac) ones too.

Price: less than 10€ in a random drug
store where I am :p

If you have a favorite SPF product let me know. And if you have a favorite fake tanner pop it in the comment section I may give tanners a go this year.

Last word : PROTECT YOUR SKIN! It is your biggest organ and the one that is the most exposed to environmental damages.

See ya :)


Lullaby77 said...

Nice :) I use the LRP 50+ face lotion and like it a lot too.

Anna said...

I use Avène Very High Protection Emulsion Spf 50+ (it has the same exact pump dispenser though it doesn't have the extra "Cleanance" name) every day of my life (I have post-pregnancy hyperpigmentation on my forehead, ugh!) and it's my HG face sunscreen. I've also tried LPR 50+ but find it gives me a few bumps under the skin, which the Avène doesn't so Avène it is! Is the Eucerin as good at keeping the oil at bay?? Thanks! x

Une fille Lambda said...

@Lullaby77: good choice LR products are the must in term of scientific research in l'Oreal group!

@Anna: sorry to read that LR breaks you out. It happens sometimes :s. I have not try the Eucerin myself but some friends do and swear by it. It comes in two version one for normal to dry skin and the other for combo to oily. Will check that I am not so sure. But it does dry mat for sure :)

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