Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sweet eyes, strong lips

Hi there! I have to reckon I am lacking some creativity these days but hope you do not mind seing indentical makeup from time to time. As I do not really have any idea today I grab a pre-made eyeshadow quad from MAC and as I own only two I take the newest one: Photorealism. I have already done a FOTD using these colours and I still really like them very much. It changes a lot from my purple eyeshadows I always go for when I lack of inspiration and want something flattering anyway. For once, I was able to take daylight pics as days are longer now. Yeah!!!
On the eyes :
- on the inner half of the lid and under the eyebrow arch : Photo realism from MAC (pale gold with a hint of green)
- on the outer half and to blend the crease colour upwards : Image maker from MAC (gray green)
- in the crease : Grey range from MAC (dark blue green, gorgeous colour)
- under the lower lashline, all three colours from light to dark going from inside to outside
- as aliner on upper lashline: fluidline Shade from MAC (deep forest green to die for)
- mascara (Volume Shocking Brosse Exacte from l'Oreal)

As the eyes are kind of pastel and toned down, I choose a strong lip colour and a plum colour as it is really flattering on fair brunette. I makes me feel kind of sexy and glamourous. For my hair, I hope you like my straight out from the shower look kind of "I-am-too-lazy-to-do-anything" style :p

For the base: camouflage cream palette MUFE + Unifiance Skin like foundation 01 from La Roche Posay (discontinued) with a single drop of Lustre Drops Pink Rebel from MAC (limited edition) + translucent pressed powder Absolutely Invisible from Too Faced.
For the dark circles : Select Cover up from MAC NW 20 + Powderflage from Benefit
For the cheeks : fesh bloom allover colour Almond Blossom 03 from Clinique
(hollow) + Cream colour base Crushed Bougainvillea from MAC (limited edition, on the apples) + Mineralize Skinfinish Petticoat from MAC (limited edition, highlight)
On the lips: Odyssey from MAC
(limited edition, frost finish) So sorry for the poor pic quality but something went wrong during upload and I can not fix it :s

I am so scared about how pale I am. It is quite impressive to see my skintone in daylight pics. I may invest in a tanning shower ^^. What surprise me the most is that I tan really easily and never get sunburns. Strange isn't it?
On last thing, if you are interested in any eye makeup or colours, leave a comment maybe it will help inspiring me for my next FOTD

See ya :)


Lullaby77 said...

FIrst of all you look lovely and the darker lips really suit you (and the curly hair as well!).
If you want to self-tan, Xen Tan is the way to go, I'm telling you!

And I'd love to see corals and oranges on you :)

Kristennn said...

You have a great eye shape, I'm totally jealous! I'd love to see colors that will make your eye color pop (I have brown eyes, too)!

Une fille Lambda said...

@Lullaby77: maybe I will try Xen Tan... Is the foam great it sounds the funniest to me and I know taht I will not stick to it if it is not funny enoughto do :s. I will think about a coral and orange EOTD

@Kristennn: Welcome here! Thanks for my eyeshape, I do not know where their almond shape comes from. Genetics is weird sometimes :p.
For hazel eyes, like yours and mine, lilac, purples and plum are must have. Deep green and strong smoky are great too.

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