Monday, March 15, 2010

A disappointment

due to a famous place where to buy cosmetics here in France and abroad I know that :) (check the pic for a clue to know what I am talking about).
This post will not deal with how creepy can be the testers in the stores of this group... But it will be about the quick and unpredictable death of some brands that I really like from the aforementioned shops

You want names? Think Stila, Laura Mercier and Shu Uemura not to say anything less. I know many people will not understand what I complain about, I live in Paris so I will defo find other places to buy these stuffes but guess what Paris is not the center of the world!!! I remember when I was living by my parents on the land
I was really happy to be able to buy good quality and not so common cosmetics from this group website. But this time sadly seems to be over.

I do understand that money rules the world in that case but as a fellow customer I will be happy to be informed that some of the brands I love will be discontinued, just to stock up :p.
I live close to their main shop, the one that is supposed to carry all their brands like a display case and each time I go there all the beauty corners have changed. Everything is reorganized so it is hard to notice at first glance if something is new or in my case has disappeared. And like it happens to me today, you will notice it when you need something :s.
I know I will end buying something else perhaps as good as or perhaps not but I am a bit sad all in all to see that some of the brands I like will disappear for most girls not leaving in Paris. Some of these brands were sold there and only there, some are still avalaible on the website but I am sure it won't last long. No more stands in the hypest store, not more online sale, that's the rule I guess.

I really hope it will not happen in all the stores around the world. I assume not as some brands are sold abroad and not in the French stores but to conclude I think the customer policies have to be revised especially for "gold" customers as they like to call us.

See ya :)

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