Thursday, March 18, 2010

Konad or the nail art for the dummies ;p

Ok every girl a little interested in nails will have heard about this stamping system. I do own one for a pretty long time now and never find the time to experiment with it. But as you guess, this time is over. Just in case you are not familiar with this stuff, you replicate a design from a plate directly onto your nail. Here is the kit I own:
Inside you find a design plate (top left corner), a scrapper to remove excess polish from the plate (top right corner), hidden under the scraper is the stamper to transfer the design to your nail and 3 polishes : 2 "special stamping", the black and the white and a top coat to prevent the design from chipping.

How to use it?
Theoretically, you put on a base coat (
Yoga-ta get this blue! from OPI), you let it try while choosing the image you want. You pour some special polish on the image (I go for the white one and a butterfly) after that you have to be quick scrap the excess, stamp on the plate and then on your nail in a single eyeblink.

And from a pratical viewpoint? Well, here is what my first try comes like (with a frightening close up) :

I know no comment (I am still really bad when it comes to apply polish).

So what? To be honest, I am not convinced. You see only my left hand which is the most successful and it already does not look that cool. The butterflies look kind of drunk, right :p?
My first issue was to find a design small enough to fit on my tiny nails. I was so suprised about how big they all are!! The second one appears when you stamp to pick up the design. You have to press hard but not too much and be quick but not too much either. Taugh time for me. It may explain why I got asked to repeat a year at school when I was four : I am stamping challenged!!!
Transfering on the nail is way easier as long as you do it firmly without shaking.
Afterall, I do not like the final outcome : it looks mmore dirty than cute to me. Maybe it is due to my bad base application and my inaccurate stamping.

To conclude, I will say that maybe Konad is meant for dummies but not for someone as dummy as I am. I think of giving it away right now. Or maybe I need to practise more to perform. I am in the horns of a cosmetic dilemma.
What you think?

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See ya :)


Lullaby77 said...

Me like it!!

susies1955 said...

I think you did a great job.
I know for me the more I practice the better I get. I love your mani.

Une fille Lambda said...

@Lullaby77: REALLY? I am surprised... I may try an other design soon do not no what but something else more summery ^^

@susies1955 : thank you and welcome here! Yeah for me it is the same pratice gives performance. I am happy you like my mani I am really bad at polish application :p

MUA said...

Oh mon dieu , c'est tellement bizarre, je viens de poster mon 1er essai de Konad sur mon blog ce jour même ....Mais j'avoue que je suis séduite meme si je suis encore débutante ! Gros succès auprès des filles au boulot donc winner dans mon coeur de make up addict ;-)

Caro de Montreal

Une fille Lambda said...

@MUA: effectivement c'est étrange cette affaire! Je pense que le nail art est plus présent chez toi qu'ici en France. Perso je suis pas convaincue mais ta manucure est mimie effectivement. Ca a un côté classieux contrairement à la mienne qui fait très gamine mal dégrossie je trouve :)

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