Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lash injection from Too Faced

I already have moaned a lot about this best selling mascara so I decide to make a full post on it to explain why I am so unhappy. First a pic of the guilty guy on the left. The packaging is average, black and girly pink with a syringe drawn on. It does not look that scary now but be aware it really is.
I got a mini version but it normally does not change the characteristics of the mascara inside but who knows? I heard many people complaining about the mini Hypnose from Lancome which seems to be very bad compared to the full retail size. Maybe this one suffer from the same curse? But enough rambling, the test. First my bare eyes with a tiny bit of foundation to hide redness and then after 1-2 coats of Lash Injection which is meant to be lenghtening and thickening.
I do have natural long and thick eyelashes so I may not be the best girl to try mascara but you can definitely see that the thickening ability is quite good afterall. Volume has been added to the roots without clumping, liner is not really necessary anymore... So good point on that. And what about lenghtening? Same conclusion, really good on that too. Look at the pic right under. The view is a lil strange but it shows the lenght best and that it does not clump at all!

So why do I dislike it so much as it looks really good? Mainly 4 reasons that make it awful to me...
1. The brush is too big!!! I do have big eyes but it is hardly impossible not to touch your eyeball with it. I enclose a pic to show you that it is nearly as big as my pinkie!
2. I hate the formula. It is the most vscous mascara on Earth right after the solid waxy kind. And it tends to flake through the day!
3. The smell... I was so surprised when I first open the tube that I thought mine was past. It is a cheap fragrance like a mixture between a low hand citrus dishwasher and rancid chemical orange juice. And it is not at all discrete, you can smell it during your whole mascara application. I look for testers and they smell the same. Gross!
4. It is not really safe for sensitive eyes. Mine tend to water and itch a lot more when I wear this one. It is not an allergic reaction but a little intolerance, maybe it has something to deal with the fragrance :p

You will be able to discover all these by yourself for 20€ by Sephora in France. I hope it is cheaper abroad.
Are you willing to try it now?

See ya :)

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