Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Imperialis from Lush

Ok ready for the weekly review. It will be about an other Lush moisturizer as the first one I tried, the Vanishing cream, ended up being quite disappointing. This one is suposedly designed for combination skin like mine. So why not giving it a go afterall?

What do I think about it? First it is scented with lavender and orange blosson and it is not what you smell, the smell is weird not really unappealing but not appealing that is for sure. The texture is really thick for a combination skin-prone moisturizer but once you heat it up between your fingers it goes on Ok and sinks into your skin. It does not interact with foundation which is great. But in my personal case, there is a huge default, it does not go well with my skin chemistry or one of the other stuffes I used on my face... The smell turns rancid for 10 to 20 seconds which is really annoying. Not cool at all even if it does not last. I checked the best before date and it was Ok, moreover I kept it in the fridge for most of the time :?

Does it work? First I have to say that I am always sceptical when you find moisturiser for combination skin. I do not think it is possible for a single cream to provide moisture to dy area and sebum control to oilier ones. It sounds way too good to be true. For this particular one, the hydration power is too low for dy areas and I am not so sure of the oil breakout control efficiency. If you use a blotting sheet in the middle of the afternoon, it will be slightly greasy.

Do I recommend it? Well once again no. I throw mine away last week and it was half full. The smell and texture seemed to have changed a lil. And above all, after 3 weeks I could not stand the rancid smell anymore. It so frustrating to wash your face clean and put something back on that stings :x

Prix: 16,95€ by Lush French website

I think it concludes my trials of the Lush facial skincare range. 2 trails, 2 huge disappointment. They are not super cheap and not at all efficient on my skin. I would rather buy some Embryolisse big bottle instead. I still like their soap (especially the ones they discontinue but that is an other story) and their solid shampoos when I travel but that's all I wil ever buy again from there. I do own a facial soap that I need to test but have to erase my memory from my Lush disappointment before :p

See ya :)

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