Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Poll time!

You may have noticed that the core of this blog is product review. I really enjoy doing them and I hope you find interesting pieces of information in them. But it is obvious that many time you are not even interested in what I review for many different reasons.
It explains why I decide to ask for your opinion this time. I plan to switch my skincare routine as the one I am using right now does not blow me away. I already own many many (too many?) from many ranges so I need some help to pick one and try thouroughly for the upcoming month.
Drum roll....
I will use the stuffes you pick (perhaps match your choice with my French blog too :p) for a month and report on them in the beginning of April. You can vote everyday and for multiple chocie if you are interested in more than one brand.
Let's get it started.... GO!!!

See ya :)

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