Thursday, March 4, 2010

Trick of the day : custom blend gel liner...

If you act like me you sometimes buy a full lot of makeup without really thinking of how you will use it later one. You may even already know that some of the cololurs do not look that appealing but you still have to get the whole pack anyway.
But on the other hand, you may not be too happy with unused stuffes in your stash. That is what happened to me all the time, especially today with the CS gel liner. I own all the first colours (11) and some of them are not far from being new as there is no way for me to use them straight on as a liner. Here is a pic for evidence :

From left to right : a very light purple (Grape Vine fromCoastal Scents), more a lilac to me which is useless as a liner but not too bad as a base and a burgundy one (Maroon from Coastal Scents) which makes my eyes look like they are bleeding... Not so cool on their own. But as you are very observant you notice the third swatch, which a 50/50 rough mix of the two previous ones. And this colour is a keeper for me, a warm plum colour that brings out the green undertones in hazel eyes. Want some proof?
Yeah for a greenier looking eyes (EOTD details on request in comment section). You may not be into plum colour but I like it a lot and it can be adapted to every mix you can dream of.

I have never thought about doing this before but now I am in a creative mood. I am seriously musing about doing a custom blend gel liner palette right now. But I have first to check if they do not seperate under heat. Otherwise you can still blend them together every time on the back of your hand :p

See ya :)

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