Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nails 0 - Door 1

If like me you are often daydreaming when waliking, you may often face this kind of little incovenience... Yesterday I banged my hands, nails first in a mechanical door which has suddenly decided not to open. So I have to deal with what I was left with that is to say damaged, cracked and peeling nails... Ewww.
Here is what my nails look after the crash (I know the pics are really bad and my nails look really sick on them but well...).

I do not take pictures of the ones who turn blue-purple because of bruising but they are way to bad looking.

So what do I do?
I start with a classical manucure (cuticle and naol care, mine are so dry as you can see, filing and slight buffing...) and on top I applied a fortifying base to help strenghten my weaken nails and prevent further peeling.
I do like the first step of the Mavala nail shield, it is loaded with tiny nylon fibers that help all the nail layer to stick together and grow stronger. I add a pic on which you can see them (click to enlarge to see them better, sorry for the over dry cuticles :s).
Then you apply the second step to smooth the surface and grab an opaque polish to hide the bruise and peeling layers :p. I go for the 3-in-1 Pure Plum polish from Sephora ( hardener, straightener and smoothing)
And you're done, I know I am challenged when it comes to polish application but people will notice my creepy manucure instead of destroyed and bruised nails. I do take the first option better :p
Am I the only grow-up who spends her time banging on doors, windows and even tables???

See ya : )


Lullaby77 said...

I do bang on things, but mainly my knees or my hips, so that cares for lovely bruises :-s
But my nails don't need any help to chip, break and all that good stuff..

Une fille Lambda said...

@Lullaby77: I am a professional knee-banger, it may help cheer you up :p. I rememebered when I was a ballerina I use to dance with knee protections like the ones volley players have to avoid bruising ^^

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