Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Argan oil

Even if I am not a green-addict I sometimes try simple and well-known beauty secrets from around the world. So this will be the first article featuring "beauty of the world"

Why do I want to talk about argan oil? Because I have been using it for several months now (I won't be doing a review or talk about something I have not been using for a while, it is one of my guidelines :) ) and I kind of really like it.


- Because argan oil can be used by everyone even tough it is recommended for drier skin type.
- It is non comedogenic and often prescribed to soothe acne flare
- It does not leave any greasy residue on top of the skin and it penetrates quickly
- It can be applied everywhere you want : on hair, nails to strenghten them
- It is both moisturizing and nourishing thanks to vitamin E and anti-oxidants.
- It fights wrinkles and age spots

I personnally use it on my under eye area which tends to be so dry and it keeps it nice and smooth. It has helped to clear my eczema too so I am pretty impressed by its healing properties. It has not accentuated my skin oiliness so all in all it is worth a try! But be aware that some people reported breakouts using it. Be sure to buy a cosmetic-grade one which is less oily than the food-grade one (and of course more expensive...)

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Tali said...

I heard that there is a brand who do alot of products with it.. i think its Josie Maran cosmetics and she uses a lot of Argan oil. Its very good!

Une fille Lambda said...

@Tali: yeah I heard about these products too but I know they don't deliver to France. I am dying to try the bronzing oil anyway. Life is so unfair :)

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