Sunday, July 26, 2009

Beauty support...

As you know I am under a 10 Pan Project so that means I am not able to buy anything beauty-related until I end up 10 products. Geez it is long but I am on my way to succeed. A few stuffes more and I will be OK. I will of course show you a picture of the "corpses" just for you to be sure I was cheating :)...
A beloved reader decides to help me in my "beauty-addiction-come-to-an-end" quest and send me an unexpected gift! She knows that I will fail otherwise. Not buying anything for two weeks, come on!! Yeah, so this is it :
(in case you wonder the nail polish is Hong Kong from Mavala n°19). It is a relaxing eye mask which is supposed to fight puffiness and dehydration wrinkles... I will use it soon, I am sure, as I am lacking some sleep right now. Hope it works :)
I am so lucky to have so nice readers! Thank you so much <3

That's all folks...

See ya :)

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