Friday, July 10, 2009

Welcome to my little beauty world!

Hi girl (you may be a girl to read this for sure)!

As you will readily see, I am not a native English (please forgive me for all the future mistakes)...

I am 26 (boy! I definitely don't feel that old), French and truly, fully and totally addicted to everything concerning beauty...
I live in Paris which means quite a lot to access in everything you dream off concerning beauty stuffes!!!! Yeah don't blame for that, otherwise you won't be reading this, right ;p?

What I plan to do here is mainly reviews, some swatches and personal opinions on make-up, skincare and everything I try to be nicer (not even sure it is possible but I try really hard :p). Feel free to comment, ask questions and everything else you want.

I hope you will enjoy having a look around here!

See ya :)

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