Monday, July 20, 2009

Serum pour le matin from Officinea

Instead of speaking of snail dribble today, I would like to talk about something I am really looking for (yeah I know one more :)), the perfect eye cream. I have perhaps the driest undereye area you can ever see even if my skin tends to be over oily. I even have dehydration wrinkles as my skin is so thirsty under here. So it is a bit like a personal HG to find a good one I can use day and night and put make up on without fighting because I also have very dark circles (lucky girl hum?)

What do I think about it? Well, the biological label is interesting at first sight because undereye skin is very thin so perhaps the less chemicals here, the better...
BUT this stuff is pure crap. I know it is rude but, in my opinion, it just has drawbacks! It is far too liquidy and the pump delivers too much product even for both eyes. And when you look at the price you will be happy not to waste the tiniest amount of it...
As it is oil-based, it takes for ever to be absorbed into the skin and when you put make-up on top of it, it gives a total mess!!!! It is just IMPOSSIBLE to put make-up on top of that. I don't really know how to explain but it makes little "plushes" on your skin and you finally look like you don't know how to wash your face. Gross!

Does it work? Well I really don't like it. It is not hydrating enough for me. It is supposed to have anti-aging properties and to fight dark circles. For the dark circles, I will say yes maybe a little bit bt for wrinkling it has not help at all for my dehydration wrinkles.

Do I recommend it? No not at all, definitely not working for me...

Price : 48,9€ by (online seller)

Perhaps it is worth the price for green addicts who do not put much makeup under their eyes. Otherwise, it is way too pricey for the results. Anyway that is just my point of view. I will end it up but as you may have understand, do not buy again

See ya :)

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