Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kangoroo's dress?

An other fashion post...

Yeah I know, I am not what you can call a fashion addict but I'd like to show you a part of my mother's birthday gift. It was a while ago but I had no occasion to wear it until today...

This dress is definitely a cute one in my opinion. I really like its shape and the way it hides and just suggests my body curves. I like the wide pocket on the front side. It makes me feel like a kangoroo mummy :)
It is a bit short to go to work but as the temperature is really high now my bosses become less exacting for clothes. I am not found of the colours, as green is not very flattering for my pale olive complexion but I have to say for once it does not matter.

This outfit is so comfy and funny that I do not really care about its colours
(well if it was sparkling blue with stars painted on...).

So what do you think about it?

That is it for today!
See ya:)


Mariella said...

I think it's pretty! Not my colors, but very pretty!

Why on earth do you always think of hiding things when you are so slim? I am curious!

Une fille Lambda said...

@Mariella: yeah as I said it is not my "first choice" colours... Why do I like hiding myself? Because to me, suggesting is much more interesting and appealing. It leaves a small space for imagination which sounds quite nice to me... :)
I sometimes wear very skinny clothes but I strangely feel naked as everything is so visible. I realise it is not really understandable but I hope you get what I mean :p

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