Monday, July 27, 2009

My eyecream collection

Well you may not know but my personal HG is the perfectly moisturising eyecream.

I need to fight dehydration wrinkles under my eyes and as I am getting older everyday I also need some anti-aging properties to help fighting possible crow feet
(I know I am crazy I have to cure my acne first :)).
Anyway here is my little ever growing eyecream collection : some are organic, some are cheap, some are not, some even come from abroad
(I always buy beauty stuffes when I travel :p)...
(click on to make it bigger...)
If you are interested in one of them more specifically, do not hesitate to leave a comment... Oh just notice than one from Lancôme is missing on this pic but it is for mature skin... Perhaps I am a bit young for it now!

See ya :)


Mariella said...

I do have that kind of obsession but it changes: one month I'll be obsessed by foundation, the next month by cleansers... which explains all the products sleeping in my drawers :-)
Anyway, as far as eyecreams are concerned, I do have my HG's:
- Louis Widmer eye gel: been using it for 5 years! (I am 32, no wrinkles around the eyes)
- currently, because it DOES fight my dark circles very well: Orlane B25 Serum Anti-Fatigue. But this one is soo expensive that I am not sure I will repurchase (I am talking over 50€ here!)But well, it works!

Une fille Lambda said...

@Mariella: as I am obsessed with everything beauty-related I can do exactly the same benchmark with day cream, toners, serums... and any kind of make up of course hehe :). I think I will have a closer look to the Orlane one, I don't mind spending money on stuffes that do their job. :)

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