Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Taï-Chi Masks from Herborist

Today I will talk about this mask which I am kind of addicted to... It contains two different masks : a very liquidy black mud which purifies the skin and a white paste (it feels a bit sticky) which will perfect your skin radiance while soothing it too.

What do I think about it? If I try to be fully honest, the whole ritual is a bit too much for me. You have to massage the black mud for 5 minutes, then rinse it and apply the white paste, massage again 2 minutes and finally let it set for about 10 minutes to get the maximum results. When I use it (once a week for serveral months now :) ) I just massage the mud on my face for about 3 minutes and that is it for the massage. I wait two more minutes, rinse, put on the white one and 10 minutes later rinse it off. That's it!
Clearly enough, I can feel that my skin is squeezing clean after that! It looks litteraly plump... Does it help with blackheads? Not really, sorry to say that, but in my opinion nothing apart from manual removal works on these awful pimples!

Does it work? I will say yes, the results are really OK. Moreover the packaging is definitely gorgeous even if it is plastic made (it goes against the natural remedies purpose of the product but I don't really care). It looks very nice in my bathroom :))). For people who have germ phobia, it comes with a little spatula to scoop out the masks. It does contain a lot of product so it will last a really long time. I got mine for quite a while now and there is still a lot left. All in all, I will say you have enough product for 6 months based on a weekly use.

Do I recommend it? Yes, I am hooked, by the all-in-one aspect of this mask both purifying and glowing effect. It is meant to be used by any skin type but I would recommend not to do the whole massage sequence as it tends to irritate a bit the skin (perhaps I massage my face too strongly?). In this case, the purifying action will be too intense and can cause small zits on your most sensitive facial area (it happens to me only once on my cheeks over more than ten uses). A 3 minutes massage with the black mud will give the exact same results without irritating.

Prix : 49€ by Sephora

I have two backups of this mask. I know I am a real freak! Before I forget, they do not have any kind of smell which I really like. And a last piece of advice if you go out and buy, use a old towel or washcloth to remove the masks as some of mine get strongly stained.

That's all for today.
See ya :)


Tali said...

I think the packaging is far too cool. Id never use it because i wouldnt want to mess it up!

I love your profil pic of the little female rat thing (from iceage?) I was always called little rat, hamster etc.. when i was little so i love those things! lol

Une fille Lambda said...

@Tali: Hey welcome here! No way you can mess it up, they are set apart one from each other :)

Yes, Iceage! My friends used to call me miss Hamster because when I smile the apples of my cheeks nearly close my eyes!!
Hope you understand my coarse English :s

Ash said...


I went to Paris to study abroad for 4 months...tres magnifique!! :) I bought 2 herborist masks at sephora in the louvre and OMG i LOVE IT TOO!!! I use it twice a month but I should use it weekly like you! It was the best thing I bought in Paris :) among other things like Helena Rubenstein moisturizer or caudalie serum :) thank you for your input.

P.s I cant wait to visit Paris again!!
au revoir!!

Une fille Lambda said...

@Ash: glad you like Paris because French people and especially in Paris can be so cold sometimes... Helena Rubinstein isn't sold anymore in French Sephora (shame on them) but you will still be able to find Caudalie everywhere.
Wish you a pleasant come-back to Paris in the nearest future :p

4AllTimeBeUTea said...

Where Can you purchase this product?? Please :)

Une fille Lambda said...

I do not know where you are from but in France it is exclusively available in Sephora.
They have recently cretaed a website with an e shop which is supposed to open soon. Maybe you can have a look there :http://www.herborist-international.com/homepage

Anonymous said...

I need your help! After applying and removing the white paste, is it necessary to apply moisturizer? thanks! :)

jonh paul cabriga said...

is there any store in the Philippines sell HERBORIST white mask?
I do not know where I can buy these stuff, i just proved that it is really good... I have here I pack, and it is running out..
I hope you guys can help:)


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