Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Samurai outfit?

Hi there! Me again talking about fashion...

Well not really about fashion as I am not really following any trend but about an original
(in my point of view) outfit I really like! My mum bought it for me as a birthday gift and first, I found it way too weird to be worn on a daily basis. But I tried it on, and OMG it is so comfy that I decided to give it a try as a work outfit. It may sound really surprising to some of you but in my field of work, no one care about how you dress as long as you are not nearly naked :). I work mostly with guys so mini skirts are not the best option!

It is not very clear on the picture
(you can click on to have a larger view:)) but it is all in one piece, a kind of mixture between a ninja's outfit and a salwar.
Ayway that is what I wear today with my funny red shoes and I think that it looks kind of cool and that it does not suit me too bad... So give me your thoughts
(don't mind the multiplugs in the background, I am not the tidiest person :p).

See ya :)

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