Saturday, July 18, 2009

Not very glamourous but anyway...

So today I decide to give you a quick overview of one of my skin issue. So it will be about blackheads and enlarged pores (I warned you about the low glamour of this post :)).

First what is a blackhead? It is just a pore that gets clogged by too much sebum. The balck head is only oxidized sebum that is in contact with air.

And enlarged pores? nothing to do with blackheads even if both use to appear on the same type of skin. The oily one like mine :s... More precisely, enlarged pores can in the end turn into blackhead if for any reason the sebum is not able anymore to flow freely (gross

So what can be done?
- Carefull make up removal and cleansing are mandatory. Attention must be paid to the problem areas.
- Gentle exfoliation is also recommended but prefer gentle products to the ones for oily skin as they can be overdrying! And of course do not over exfoliate as your skin will react by producing more sebum.
I do really like the gentle exfloliant with 3 roses form Nuxe and the 7-Day srub from Clinique. I tend to use them every other day... I am not very found of chemical exfoliation as I find them strangely more iriitating than the mechanical ones.

- For blackheads, steam is interesting for opening the pores and it helps to gently manually remove thme. Do not press too hard on your skin as it can leave marks and afterwards scars. Try to tone with a purifying or astringent lotion and if your skin is not too demanding try to leave it free of cream for the night. It will breathe better this way and regulate naturally! ;p

-For enlarged pores, avoir steam bath! Use tepid to cold water to help tighten your pores and leave your skin breathe after toning!

Home made recipies?
-honey + olive oil + baking powder
-egg-white + lemon juice
-2 tablespoons of oatmeal mixed with a floral water
-egg-white+ cornstarch

I have not try any of these but I will for sure just to see, I am curious and in this way, I won't buy any goodies :)))

Commercial skincare?
-Normaderm from Vichy
(I already have this one need to test it out)
Idealist serum from Estée Lauder
-Pore Reducer from Biotherm
-Pore minimizing serum from Clarins
(perhaps I will give it a go)
-Pore no more from Dr Brandt
-Pore refining mask from Burt's Bee
(perhaps I will give it a go too) ...
Many offers outside and not enough face to try everything :))

PS : What I personnaly like the most is microdermabrasion... I really think it works and it seems that some balckheads on my nose have vanished. I will keep on using it once a week and let you know how it is going

See ya :)


Mariella said...

Can you tell more about microdermabrasion? Are you doing that home? How?

Une fille Lambda said...

@Mariella: I bought a kit from Skin Doctors (Powerbrasion) a few months ago. I know a lot of company offer now similar tools...

It is supposed to be used twice a week but I think it is a bit too much for my "still young" skin. Anyway I use it every Sunday with a funny vibrating device (sounds a bit strange said like that anyway :p) which helps to buff the refining crystals into the skin. I work it into my skin for 5 min and pay more attention to troubled areas (chin, nose and forehead). After that I apply the included exfoliating cream morning and night and that is it (I do exfoliate in the morning)...

The kit contains the electronic "buffer", the crystals and the exfoliating cream.

I may have used 10 times now and it has really improved my skin condition... I am impressed!

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