Saturday, July 11, 2009

My skin = my best enemy

The best way to let you know what I want to say with this equation is perhaps to show you a picture...

I have very sensitized skin which tends to overreact sometimes. Now it is quite oily, with blemishes, spots, blackheads and enlarged pores
(doesn't sound very nice, hum?). I also have many scars because I used to scratch my pimples when I was younger (so stupid girl!).
And as you can see, I am ghostly pale so even the smallest redness is clearly visible on my skin!

So I try as hard as I can to deal with it. And that is definitely not the easiest stuff to do. My skin seems not to stand anymore treatment for young blemish-prone skin
(I am perhaps too old now?), so I turn to some more expensive skincare line, hoping to find my holy grail which will give me back my 17 year-old perfect skin...
Doing so I have collected thousands of different products from several different brands! If you are interesting in seeing reviews on them, make-up and other beauty related, stay tune...

See ya! :)


Mariella said...

You know, most people don't have perfect skin (me included) and I think you do a great job at hiding the flows and enhancing your features, I think you have a gorgeous face! (And I mean it!!!)

Une fille Lambda said...

@Mariella: Yeah I know that my perfect skin quest is probably hopeless but I would be happy if I could skip some steps in my make up routine thanks to global skin improvement... Hiding flows is really time consuming!! :)
Anyway thank you for your very nice comment. You made my day!^_^

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