Friday, July 17, 2009

Gel serum visage d'Innovatouch Cosmetic

Ok let's talk about this one... Funny serum for night care as it is mainly made of snail dribble! I have never heard about this kind of stuff before I was offered to test this serum out by a friend of mine

What do I think about it? I do love the texture!!! It is a very firm gel you can nearly play and cut little cubes inside (don't be afraid I don't play with my nightcream :) ). It is supposed to help soothe, hydrate, regenerate and sanitize your skin. What I really really don't like about it is ITS SMELL.... OMG! I can't believe how chemical this stuff smells. It remind me a mixture of cheap multivitamine juice and bitter almond...yeah creepy!

Does it work? For sanitizing and regenerating, it is definitely worth a try. I won't say it hydrates very well... You really have to use a tiny bit otherwise you will feel llike your skin is wrapped in a plastic film. Not very pleasant

Do I recommend it? Well depends on what your looking for... I am pretty sure you can find out there better creams made with snail dribble. So I need to have a closer look to this. Allatoin is known for its healing properties and snail dribble contains a lot of this chemical compound. So I think I will make my skin this gift it deserves

Prix : 29€ by La Malle au Tresor (French online shop, maybe it sells abroad?)

I will probably do tomorrow a 101 on primers & skin enhancers or a How to on blackhead removal (sexy, hum?). Which one do you prefer?

That's all for today.
See ya :)

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