Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summer eyes

As work is coming to an end for me (hopefully!) I decide to have some fun with my make up and try to come up with a look with bright and shimmery colours. I used he CS 88 shimmer palette, a turquoise eyeliner and my beloved black line (so hard for me to live without liner on the top lashline!).

I like summer and I miss the beach, waves and salted wind. I hope I will be able to see the ocean or the sea this year. I do not really care to get a tan (I am so afraid of sun spots, I arelady have one on my cheek...) but I have to say I dream to rest a little in the sun (with a full sunscreen protection of course).

Anyway back to make-up. I know it may look bold for some of you
(and it is a bit I reckon! :) ) but this is how it looks like:
So I wil be thrilled to have your opinion on this one.
See ya :)

My forehead looks over greasy here, sorry about that. I hope it is mainly a flash effect :s


Mariella said...

I love it, it's gorgeous! I do have an Estee Lauder palette from last year with similar colors somewhere, you make me want to dig it up!

Une fille Lambda said...

@Mariella : I hope to see your trial ;)! Do you like Estee Lauder make-up? I always have a close look to their summer collection, their bronzing powder and packaging always look gorgeous but I never buy anything...

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