Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Internet haul : part 3 of 3

Last but not least, the internet part of my make-up and skincare haul...

As you can see most of the things are form Shu Uemura as I was willing to try this brand for a while. But enough useless babbling, here is the bad pic... We are cruelly lacking sunlight in France now, it is so depressing. I am dreaming of February as days are longer and weather slightly nicer. I hate winter and cold autumn.

- Two metallic e/s from Shu ME 600 (lagoon blue) and ME 160 (smashed rapsberry). The color pay-off is dreamy : intense and really metallic colors!!! Gorgeous ^^ but expensive (more expensive than MAC like NARS I think)
- The limited edition of the fresh cleansing oil with amines on. Hiiiii so girly and this particular oil version is pink. I had to have it, it looks perfect close to my bathroom sink. It cleanses really really well, I have to admit it is the best cleansing oil I tried so far but it is not a good point as it is really expensive. On an other hand, I think it worth it.
- "the Bronzed and the Beautiful" palette from Too Faced which contain three nice bronzers. They are shimmery but not over glittery and really wearable by fair skin gal... Good purchase!
- 2-in-1 shampoo with silk extract from Hegor. Oh yeah I hear you glamorous packaging.... But guess what? It is the best drugstore shampoo I know. My mummy used to wash my hairs with it when I was a child and it still smells exactly the same now. Something close to toffee but not overpowering.

That's it!
I will now start saving some money for my Christmas present, so no more hauls for a while

See ya :)


Tali said...

I LOVE your new layout!! So nice!! Oh my gosh so so so nice!!

You will love the bronzeing palette by the way! They are perfectly not-too shimmery but not too matte!!


Lullaby77 said...

Love the new design, yay!

So we both know I'm not allowed any purchse right now but where on earth do you get shu online?? I'm dieing to try their eyeshadows (after project 10 pan of course) and they're nowhere in Belgium.

Une fille Lambda said...

@Tali: yeah I like the palette it is very wearable and the packaging is not too cheap... thanks for the layout it was a pain to make it work!!!

@Lullaby77: I know, hard time for you! I bought my Shu stuffes from a discount webiste in the USA (FragranceX.com). It has a pretty bad reputation on the Web but I never had any problem!!! I bought several times from there and paid with Paypal so I had an insurance. Free shipping worldwide but it takes about a month to reach my place (French post may be the worst on Earth). Thanks for the new blog design...

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