Saturday, November 7, 2009

Black style-like?

About a month ago, I showed you a couple of pigments I own that reminds me a lot the Mineralize eyeshadows from the MAC Balck Style collection.
Some people ask me to try a look using them just to have an idea of how they look. I am not fully convinced with both the looks I came out with but as they are not too bas, I decide to share them you afterall. One is a daytime look and the other a dramtic night one.

I used 2 Urban Decay eyeshadows (UD) and one of my The She Space Pigment (TSS) : from the inner to the outer lid packed on a purple cream eyeshadow (NYX Purple Jumbo Eyepencil) : UD Asphyxia, then UD Purple Haze (really close to MAC Nocturnelle) and finally TSS Lucky Charm (also lightly in the crease). Be carefull with this pigment as it is really dark any fallout will be very noticeable!! A thick black line on top lashline and purple pencil in both waterlines. Many mascara coats and voilà :p

The pictures do not do any justice to the glitter reflections in TSS Lucky Charm but I can not take any better ones. Sorry :s
First daytime look :
Then the dramatic nightime look...
I only widely extend the outer V with TSS Lucky Charm to mimic a cat eye .
A single eye pic.
This one is a closer picture on which you can click to enlarge to see the glitter. On the outer portion you can normally see the duochrome glitters switching from blue to purplish pink.
Hope you can see them!!!

Do you like the Black Style Mineralize Eyeshadows? Do you wear them at work?

See ya :)


Lullaby77 said...

Well, well, well:
- I have the 4 Mac shadows (you know me)
- I totally wear them at work, but then maybe not over a black base, I try to play their color more than the black
- I love the cat eye on you!!!!
- Why do I have so many UD palettes that I never use? I always love UD looks I see on the web but apparently I don't know how to combine the colors on myself...

Une fille Lambda said...

@Lullaby77: All 4? Nice haul I have to say :). I do not use a black base either I prefer to highlight the glitter color than the black base.
The 2 e/s from UD I used are not from a palette, I bought them as single, do not worry :)))
Thanks for the cat eye, I found it a bit too much but for a night-out why not?

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