Monday, November 23, 2009

Brewer's yeast : week 2

What about my nails after 2 full weeks of brewer's yeast. First, I am proud to follow this well this beauty routine! I am really bad in taking "medicine" everyday for a long time. But as you can see it grows slowly but surely it does, si no reason to complain about it!!! My forefingers are still weaker than the other ones but I prefer to file them a little more as they were really damaged (they tend to layer but only on these fingers). So I made two pictures this time with a close up and a clear nail polish so that you may see easily how far my nails extend. It is more pratical than an opaque nailpolish...

(sorry for the blurry close-up but when it comes to take pic with a macro option I start shaking like hell :p)
Two more weeks to go but I will have to file my nails more by then as I do not want to have claws. It works really good on my hairs too they look healthy and super silky! But no real improvment on my skin which tends to be over dehydrated these days. Not funny to see dehydration wrinkle when you apply foundation... And as I have to set it with powder to prevent it from creasing on my oilier areas, it is even worth!

See ya :)

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