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I know again, but the perfect eyecream is my holy quest! Simply because even I may have one of the oiliest skin on Earth my eye area is dry dry dry. Each time I got my make up done by someone else they freak out about how my undereye is dehydrated... So I searched around and decided to sum up everything I read in a single post. So keep reading!
What can be done??? Do not start to cry they are some partial solutions. The number 1 rule is to hydrate from inside. So drink and water of course! The skin is the thinest around the eye so water tends to evaporate easily from here. I do not drink enough and I pay the price for that, trust me! The second thing to do is to apply the adequate cream! Eyearea has to be taken care of otherwise it damages and it can start really soon. Starting applying cream around 20 is good. I personnally started at 15! You have to apply it gently with your ringfinger without rubbing just with a gentle tapping motion. It provides water and nutrients to this delicate area.

Can I hope to see my dark circles and puffiness disappear? Well for dark circles, do not cry but there is not much to do. If you happen to sleep 7 to 8 hours a night and still have the bad purple eye you have to deal with it. Sorry!
For puffiness, the first trick is to store your cream in the fridge, it will last longer without bacteria this way and also help to improve circulation and drain the extra fluid from there. An other tip for tea drinkers is to keep the bags after they have been infused and store them in the freezer. After removing makeup, you can apply them on your eyes for 10 to 15 min. The caffeine inside helps with puffiness.

How to know if I have age wrinkles or dehydration ones? The age wrinkles are noticeable all the time even when you are not smiling. You will also see deep lines on the outer corners of the eyes : the famous crow's-foot wrinkles!
Dehydration wrinkles are more noticeable on the undereye area, on the dark circles. They are more noticeable when you blink and most of the time they are intensified by heavy concealer which tends to migrate in them.

So how to choose the right cream? If you see any aging signs, go for an anti-aging one it sounds obvious but it is better being said :).
On the other hand, if you suffer from dehydration try to stay away from anti-aging formula as their lifting effect fights againt hydration and moisture. It tightens the skin which becomes less prone to adsorption. In this particular case, which is mine, you'd better choose a heavy balm (nearly wax) because it is really nourishing and it helps scealing moisture into the skin. But, it is not very compatible with makeup application and with possible puffiness. Life is hard sometimes...
I used this type of cream at night to help to restore as I do not suffer from puffiness. Life is great sometimes :p
A gel-like or lightcream formulas are the best compromise and the most common kind you can find out there. They are fast to absorbe and are makeup-prone.

To sum up, eyecream as young as 20 even younger if you suffer from dehydration. Stay away from anti-aging formula if you do not need them. Prefer moisture at first! Apply your cream twice daily if possible or at least in the morning during winter months as your face has to face hard weather! I will do many eyecream reviews here so if you are interested, keep reading

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Lullaby77 said...

Thanks for this article, it's exactly what I needed: I have noticed that I'm getting fine line on the outer corners, noooooooo!
I started with eyecream at 25, and I'm sure it made a difference since I'm now over 30 and with no major damage. But I think I'm going to need a change and pick something more anti-ageing now.

Une fille Lambda said...

@Lullaby: your crow's-foot lines are not noticeable to me. Maybe you should keep your current eyecream for daytime wear and invest in something stronger with anti-aging properties for nightime... As your skin is combination like mine you'd better keep using an hydrating one to prevent dehydration!

Jules said...

I love reading your blog :) I nominated you for a blog award! http://juliekristin.blogspot.com/

~ Jules

Une fille Lambda said...

@Jules: thanks a lot I am really honored you read my little unknown blog on a daily basis! And of course thanks for your nomination :)

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