Saturday, November 14, 2009


I wanted to go for something brighter than the previous eyelook I have done. And when I say brigter I mean it. I made a super bright look using very cheap eye pigments. All to be exact, they are not pigments as I used unprocessed mica colors (pure mica powders). I bought them at TKB Trading, who is a wholesaler for cosmetic supplies. I discovered it a while ago when looking around for home-made cosmetic supplies. I am nearly sure it is the cheapest place in hte world to buy raw mica powders to use as eyeshadows but I remember that there is a minimum spending amount to qualify for shipping (sorry can not remember how much it was :s).
This look remembers me of tropical butterfly's wings... It is very summery-inspired but as I miss the sun already it is an artificial way to bring it back.
In details, I used them as classical loose eyeshadows without foiling :
- inner half lid "Breath of Spring" (spring shiny green),
- outer half lid "Green Apple POP" (ultra vivid green),
- outer V "Grape POP" (ultra vivid purple)
- to line the upper lashline "Coral Reef Blue" (this one is foiled). There was some in the lower waterline but it does not last well
A hundred mascara coats (Lash Plumper from Sephora, huge disappointment).

The pics do not do any justice to the brightness of this make up. It nearly looks pastel or dull but it is not.

So would you wear this?

See ya :)

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