Saturday, November 28, 2009

Winter eyes

Well I tried to make summer lasts as long as possible but the weather is cold, real cold... It is freezing out there. So as winter is already here, it means white, blue and silvery make-up with a lot of twinkles everywhere like ice crystals :p (I know I need to grow up but snowflakes are the only thing I like about winter).

Yeah I know, this year's trend are more on the gold, purple and indigo side but well do I care? Not really I do not have two cents for fashion. So I tried this white-blueish association on my eyes with shimmery eyeshadows to mimic the frost.
No full face pics because my skin reacts badly to the current temperature drop. It becomes very dehydrated and keeps breaking out. Both problems can not be taken care of at the same time :s. Anyway, this eyelook is fully made with pigments mainly bought at the She Space (one of the best quality/price ratio out there for pigments)

- inner third, inner crease and to blend toward the browbone: shimmery white, Snow Capped Twinkles & Pearl range
- middle third : light aqua with glitters, Typical Mania Go glam or Go home range
- external third and outer V : night blue with greyish undertones, Midnight n°23 from Barry M
- liner on upper and lower lashlines & lightly inouter V : turquoise glitters in a lack base, Stolen Soul Diamond Powdered Dust range
- in both waterlines : Stila Smudge Pot in black
- mascara : 15 coats of Lash Plumper from Sephora (it was a trial as on Sephora webiste they promise incredible volume after 15 coats without clumping).
As you can see on the single eye pic, you then have really nice volume on upper lashes (I hardly put mascara on the lower lashes). Not many clumps but... yeah there is a but! I have never seen a mascara which makes as many fallouts! So one way for the trash for this one (it was not old about a month so the fallouts were not due to overdried/overaged mascara).

Yeah queen of the ice eyes! Do you also tend to wear more shimmery/frosty eyeshadows during winter months?

See ya :)


Musing on Beauty said...

I love love love this look, it really looks great!

I sympathize for the temperature drop induced skin dryness - I have the same problem. My skin has been behaving so far, probably because I have a better face routine now, but I'm feeling some changes too. Just so you know, putting the Mac honey cream on the dry patches really helped!

Une fille Lambda said...

@Musing on Beauty: thanks a bunch ;p... I know for skin salve I tend to use it everywhere, especially where I have dry patches but I have to be careful as it gives me blackheads on greasier areas :s!
I also use it as an eyecream on my dehydration wrinkles and eczema on browbone(not to close to the eyelid) and it seems to help so far. It works great as a lip balm and nail nd cuticle cream too. Really happy to have so many backups of it :).
I add a moisturising mask to my face routine too. Will see!

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