Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sebactiv range from Rogé Cavailles

An other review... on something I have been using for a while, especially when I travel because I try not to bring a full beauty vanity case with me. This range is designed to be used by oily and blemish-prone skin. It is meant to help reduce skin imperfections of 46% in about 4 weeks if I remember well the ad...

What do I think about it? I only own one of the two products of the range, that-is-to-say the purifying cleansing water (and so not the purifying foaming gel). I am not keen on micellar lotions and especially the ones designed for oily skin. I used to use the Sebium H2O from Bioderma but it was really too drying for me.
This one do not. It is a 2 in 1 make up remover and cleanser like all micellar lotions. I mainly use it as a toner after cleansing with water to help balance water hardness. It smells nothing which is great for sensitive skin. A little drawback is taht you can easily soak too much your cotton ball and it will foam on your face when you wipe it on. I do not like this feeling but it is really personal.

Does it work? I will say yes. My skin does not itch after cleansing and I can skip moisturising at night without feeling too tight in my own skin. But if like me you tend to wear heavy makeup, you will have to use sevreal cotton balls to obtain a clean one. Do not use it on your eyes, it burns like hell (swap it for Crealine from Bioderma it rocks). It is my make-up remover/cleanser when I left my place. It is a really good 2-in-1 which help balance my skin and prevent furious breakouts.

Do I recommend it? So so... I am a water cleansing lover so hard time for micellar lotions to gain my vote. Anyway this one is a ood one and I have not thrown it away. My top one micellar lotion for greasy face! Perhaps I will try the foaming gel ^^

Prix : around 9€50 in drugstores

Rogé Cavailles means deodorant and personal hygiene for me but I have to reckon their new facial line is great. I know they sell a facial moisturiser in their classical line, maybe I will give it a go one day :p

See ya :)

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