Saturday, November 21, 2009

Green and purple inspired

In one my previous hauls from MAC I grab Humid e/s, a gorgeous deep green with golden undertones. I do not know why but I am currently in a green mood :p! I also decided to go for a slightly different shape for my eye make-up. I used the same dark shade, Humid, as a thick smoked-out liner on my upper lashline and also as outer-V. It could be seen on the pics, it is not that obvious as I might not have packed enough green on to truly make it stand out :
On the eyes:
- all over the lid, pigment Violet FA 115 from Paris Ax
(I am not sure this is sold abroad but they can easily be duplicated)
inner corners and as a blending shade upwards towards the brow, pigment Glimmer green from TKB
- along the upper lashline and as outer V shade, eyeshadow Humid from MAC
- along the lower lashline, inner half, Glimmer green, outer half Humid
- as a thin liner on top lashline, pigment Ultimate Vert from Pure Luxe
(applied foiled) and in both waterlines, pigment Drama queen violet from Aromaleigh (foiled again but with a waterproof mixing medium like Eye Seal from MUFE)
- of course mascara, l'Oreal Double ExtendBeauty Tubes, one coat (OMG my HG!).

To conclude, full face pics to see the global look I went for :

foundation : correcting palette MUFE n°1 + Unifiance crème de poudre n°1 (discontinued product from LRP) + MAC Select Cover-up concealer NW 20 + Météorites from Guerlain.
blush : darkest blush from the eyeshadows/blush combo palette from Coastal Scents + contour & highlight Allover colour pressed powder Almond Blossom from Clinique
lips : Caught Kissing Lipbalm Take no prisoners from The She Space (organic lipbalms tinted with mica, really nice and creamy but not available on the website for now).
eyebrows: random brown pencil

Do you like it? Please do not focus on my elf-like ears. I know they look weird.

This colorful look is soft enough to be worn at work I think. If I can give a last piece of advice, pack more blush on your cheeks than you will normally do because otherwise with these plain colors you will look like a corpse during winter months :p...

See ya :)


Tali said...

You have SUCH beautiful eyes!!!!!! Love the way you did your make up!

You look great! Really pretty yet with the smokey eyes its also very subtly sexy! HOTHOT! :))

I really want to get the guerlain pearls (but in the pressed compact in) 03 Beige Chic.. but i dont know!!! I cant decide if i need it!!

Musing on Beauty said...

I am like Tali on this, I kind of want the meteorites, probably in pressed form, but I don't really know what they would do for me or whether I would really use them.

I know you won't believe me, but your ears are totally normal and super cute!

Une fille Lambda said...

@Tali: thanks hon! I do love your eyes too. Perfect almond shape and you know how to bring out the best of them. For the Meteorites pressed powder if I rebuy them I will go for the Beige Chic color too. I has a free session make-up in Guerlain a while ago and they told me this will be the best shade for me :). About needing or not, I am not sure both of us really need more makeup but I have to reckon it is a good pressed powder very finely milled and not cakey looking so... :p

@Musing on Beauty: it depends on what kind of powder you like. They are the best loose powder I tried so far as it is very lightweight, not fully mat but not glowy/greasy,it keeps me from shining and I am kind of addicted to its smell now.
I have tons of powder (mainly pressed ones) I have not tried yet but I truly like this one, I feel prettier when I use it... Maybe it is my beauty snob side who speaks :)))
My ears are way too big but you know complex, complex :p

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