Monday, November 16, 2009

Brewer's yeast : week 1

Ok this is what my nails look after 7 days of brewer's yeast... Left hand with a colored nailpolish. I know this was not the best idea I have ever had as you can not see where the white part of my nails starts. But French manucure tends to annoy me quickly, really not fun enough for me... So you will have to trust me, my nails may have 3 to 4 mm of extra length and none of them broke. The only trouble I have is my forefingers where my nails grow really slower. I am really not carefull ith my hands and this finger is the more exposed to trouble (computer typing, door banging, can opening...). On week 4, I will post both first and last pictures on the same slide.
It does not look too bad, hum?

Have you ever tried brewer's yeast?
Do not be afraid, it really works, I take my 3 capsules before breakfast and that is it for the day!

See ya :)

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