Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lash Plumper from Sephora

A new mascara review tonight! I know I tell you I found my HG mascara, which is the L'Oreal Double extend Beauty Tubes but as a true beauty addict I keep trying new ones which look promising. The Lash plumper sounded great with its huge hair brush (I am not found of new elastomer brush) and its heavy gel based formula and all the possible added lash volume. But there is a huge big but... The best description will be done by before and after pictures so here they are. I forgot to take side view but I am sure you will see my main point with these front view...

What do I think about it? Quite obvious on the picture I do think. My lashes look darker which sound natural with a balck tinted mascara, they also seem to be a tad longer but I think this is because my lashes are naturally lighter on their tips. But for volume, nothing! And I put abour 3 to 4 coats on my lashes. Is not this disappointing for a volumising mascara!!!

Does it work? Nope! For a volumising mascara with an adequat wand and a well designed formula, the result is bad. It does not clump when you add coats over coats but it is pointless as you can barely see any added volume. The formula is not drying which can also be tricky for long-lashed girl like me! The mascara tranfers easily on the upper lid and it is really annoying.

Do I recommend it? Not at all as it is not that cheap for a "no-brand" mascara. The huge wand is not that easy to work with for the bottom lashes and inner corners. It is not really a bad mascara but it sounds and looks so promising at first sight that my disappointement is consequently worst. Maybe for patient girls with tiny litlle lashes, it could be interesting :)

Price: 13€50 by Sephora
I read lukewarm opinions on beauty-related chats dedicated to this particular mascara. Some swear by it and others simply hate it. I am sowhere inbetween like always (I hate choosing a side :)). After carefully reading the Sephora instruction, 15 to 30 coats are necessary to achieve intense to spectacular volume... Hum, who has enough time in the morning to apply so any coats??? If you have, you are my idol :p

See ya :)

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