Thursday, November 5, 2009

MAC haul : part 2 of 3

MAC is my favorite make up retailer. I think this brand is nearly the perfect balance between price and quality. It is definitely not cheap but as the quality follows I do not really care. As I love to collect stuffes, paying more will be hard :p. That being said, the pic :
In column, starting left, from bottom to top :
- Skin salve (collection Naked Honey), it rocks that is it. I put it everywhere I need extra moisturising : on the lips most of the time, the nose when I spend my time blowing and even on my eyelids when they peel (do not ask me why, it is a mystery)
- Pigment colour powder in Melon. I was not found about MAC pigments but they are far from being bad after trials.
- Mineralize blush in Superduper-natural (Noel collection, the Magic Mirth and Mischief collection)
- Eyeshadow inHumid. I needed in emergency a dark green with golden highlights. It was a question of live or death of course.
- Quad Photo Realism (collection Makeup Art Collection)
Volcanic Ash Thermal mask (collection Black Style)
and last but not least, brush cleanser (every night yes I am afraid of eye infection above all). That is it.

I am under a green addiction these days. And you any color addiction?

See ya :)


Lullaby77 said...

I love love love the skin salve, it even cures my dry patches on my cheeks! Too bad it's not a permanent product.
And I love Melon, too :-)

By the way, I'm starting project 10 pan, pray for me!!!!

Une fille Lambda said...

Lullaby77: really happy it works for you too! I was super impressed as MAC is not known for its skincare line to find such a good stuff there. I have two back-ups :)))
I will start praying for you today, I swear :p. Hard time a 10 pan project! Maybe I will do antoher one soon ^^

Tali said...

Gold addiction! I cant stop buying sparkly gold nude colors!!

I also love the naked honey salve.. i bought 3 and now i only have 1 left :/!!

Une fille Lambda said...

@Tali: I really do not know why the best part of MAC skincare is always limited edition. I am quite sure most people are reluctant to try their skincare liner so it may explain why most of their fabulous stuffes never gain the audience they deserve...

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