Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Christmas list...

I know you will try to convince that Santa Claus is not real but guess what to be able to write a Christmas letter or a wishlist you need someone to send it to, right? So he is real just for that purpose and for my infinite love of list making :p
So after this unbelievable scientific evidence, I will give you my beauty wishlist just because imagining Santa Claus running around beauty shops make me really laugh ^^

- a Pure Shine lipistick from Yves Saint Laurent: 32 Frozen Mango or 11 Pink Diamond. I tried them so many times at Sephora that I do need one now. The perfect intermediate between rouge and gloss with a dreamy consistency!!!
- a Rouge Volupté lipstick from Yves Saint Laurent: 13 Peach Passion or 7 Pink Lingerie. I love the packaging and how creamy they feel on the skin!
- The Book of Shadows Vol II. I already own the first version so it needs a friend to talk to, you agree with me :p?
- The eye khôl 31 Paris Indigo from Lancôme. It is the perfect deep gorgeous metallic blue!!!
- the Perfect Renewal Dual Touch eyes from LaNeige. It sounds and looks so cool with 2 different textures for day and night. Maybe the HG eyecream I am looking for, fingercross ^^

Otherwise, I would not be against:
- a job???
- a nice, smart and clever guy... Just kidding an honest guy would be enough :)

Your turn, what would be your Christmas list?

See ya :)


Lullaby77 said...

I want a GHD straightener. And of course I want tons of makeup but that's all year long and I need to finish my P10P anyway ;-)

Une fille Lambda said...

@Lullaby77: I got one but I am not sure it is real as I can not register it online :s but it works great ^^

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